Monday, 25 March 2013

Nightland In Solemn Rise Review by Amelia

01 In Solemn Rise
02 Soulprison of Pain
03 Diamond Siren
04 Knights of the Dark Empire
05 Nightland

I first heard of Nightland when they followed me on Twitter. I decided to check out their music and I really liked what I heard!

At first listen, you would think they're from Finland or Sweden so I was surprised to read that they were, in fact, from Italy. Italy appears as somewhat of a "home" for power metal (Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Secret Sphere, Ancient Bards etc) nevertheless, Nightland are deserving of a spot amongst such names.
Their first release "Knights of the Dark Empire" sets a musical base for the band, demonstrating their grandeur which proceeds onto their latest release, "In Solemn Rise". What continues to draw me to the band is the quality of their songs. I have been put off many bands due to their vocals being mixed too low or their drums too high etc but what I like about this band is how well their songs are blended together. I took the time to listen to everything they've put  online so far and I don't have anything bad to say about what I've heard. I've found myself going back and listening to them every now and then!
The band have also recorded a music video for "Diamond Siren" which is taken from "In Solemn Rise". When I watched the video for the first time, it reminded me of "Dio Meets Ensiferum" but, of course, in a good way!
All in all, Nightland is definitely a band worth checking out.

Highlights: Soulprison of Pain, Knights of the Dark Empire, Diamond Siren
Rating: 8/10

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Answer Apocalypse 666 Review by Marcus

Review of „The Mystery“ - Apocalypse 666
„The Mystery“ from Germany, have been active since 1996 and have recently released their 5th album „Apocalypse 666“. After a few lineup changes, they recorded „Apocalypse 666“ with Iris Boanta as their new vocalist.

When you listen to „Apocalypse 666“, it's like you're listening to female fronted metal from the 80s and you're forced to tap your foot to the music. The second track on the album starts with a spoken intro which transitions into heavy riffs and double bass drum fire. Iris' voice sounds similar to other well known female vocalists active in the 80s, just rough hoarse vocals.

The songs are catchy and are well arranged. Riffs and solos of the two guitars are well placed and are sourrounded by a versatile bass player. Drums are not running on double bass through all the songs but are supporting the bass player on a varied way.

The only ballad on the album „In Heaven or Hell“ seems to be a bit of a must have and isn't that powerful as it has the potential to be. On the other hand, one of the title tracks „Nailed to the Cross“ is an uptempo track on which you can hear the power of Iris' voice.

Unsure if The Mystery are fitting to your musical expecations? Just visit their site and have a look on their Youtube-Channel.



01. Doomsday Prophecy
02. Apocalypse 666
03. Outlaw
04. Blackened Ivory
05. Nailed to the Cross
06. Death's Lullaby
07. War Cry
08. Ride On
09. Ca$hgame
10. In Heaven or Hell
11. Assaulted Minds
12. The Great Escape

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dimlight Psychosynthesis Review by Vera Luz

The first time I heard about Dimlight was before Metal Female Voices Fest X. To prepare myself for the festival, I started listening to some of the bands that were going to be playing there. I had never heard of most of them and I have to say that Dimlight was a most pleasant surprise!
    At the time they hadn't released their latest album, so I started with Obtenebration and it just sent me to a time and place that I'd almost forgotten. Since they were releasing their new album, Psychosynthesis on 20th October 2012, the second MFVF X day, I had the chance to listen some of their new material live for the first time, and as I was expecting, they didn't let me down!

Psychosynthesis is a strong, dark album. Dark lyrics, powerful guitars and drums with the addition of a beautiful touch of keyboards that remind you of the old days of Within Temptation, only with a darker atmosphere. Furthermore, it isn't an easy album for the ones who were used to Obetenebration since Sanna's voice is more powerful and raw so you have to learn to enjoy her new approach on vocals.
    Psychosynthesis is delivered in almost the same way as their previous album: it has a great start with a strong and powerful song called "Agonize" but somehow, that sense of power fades away a little bit and the songs that follow begin to feel the same as the last. And then, when you feel like giving up on them, they bring you Cardinal Sins! This song brings everything you can expect from a great gothic metal band: powerful vocals, strong guitars and great growls! I have to say that Invoker is delivering them MUCH BETTER now... not only on the album but live as well. From now on you just get hooked and can't stop listening to it because all the songs which follow give you that sense of a dark embracing atmosphere where you just want to close your eyes and feel it in your skin. Master of Our Fate, Sanna's favorite song, closes the album with a lesson: that only we are responsible for what we are to become in this life.
Overall, this is a well delivered gothic metal album that has that "je ne sais quoi" which most bands don't deliver anymore, and that is what makes Psychosynthesis special.

    Highlights: Cardinal Sins, Mind's Game and Master of Our Fate.